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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do PG电子游戏 students wear uniforms?
PG电子游戏 students do not wear uniforms, but we adhere to a modest appearance code.

2. Is transportation provided for PG电子游戏 students?
Many of our area public school districts provide transportation to and from PG电子游戏, or parents may choose to make private arrangements. PG电子游戏 also provides a van for transportation from the Reading and Parkesburg areas.

3. What grade levels are taught at PG电子游戏?
The PG电子游戏 campus houses four distinct schools: preschool for early childhood learners, elementary school for kindergarten through fifth grades, middle school for sixth through eighth grades, and high school for our ninth through twelfth grades.

4. How do PG电子游戏 parents get involved on campus?

At PG电子游戏 we value parent involvement and have established a parent volunteer program that requires

10 hours of service per year per family. There are numerous ways to be an active PG电子游戏 family

member. Opportunities include various committees, booster clubs, special event coordinators, etc.

5. Does PG电子游戏 offer part-time/home school student opportunities?
PG电子游戏 offers 
​instruction opportunities, various assessments, and extra-curricular activities
in grades K through 12. Learn more at our Part-Time Student Opportunities page.

6. Does PG电子游戏 have an athletic program?
Along with our physical education classes, PG电子游戏 athletics offers a variety of inter-scholastic sports to students at the middle school and high school levels. PG电子游戏 is a member of the Commonwealth Christian Athletic Conference (CCAC) and Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA) and offers soccer (boys), volleyball (girls), basketball (boys and girls), track (boys and girls), baseball (high school boys only), lacrosse (high school girls only). For our elementary Jr. Cougars, PG电子游戏 offers several clubs, clinics, and camps throughout the year.

7. What music/drama opportunities are

available to PG电子游戏 students?
In addition to traditional music classes, PG电子游戏 offers a medley of

music/drama experiences. This includes choirs, worship teams,

dramas, musicals, ensembles, and recitals. Also, the PG电子游戏

Music Conservatory offers opportunities for private instrumental

and vocal lessons, as well as band participation and performances.

8. Is there a hot lunch program at PG电子游戏 ?
While PG电子游戏 does not serve a daily hot lunch, we do have special

lunches PG电子游戏 students can order throughout the year which raise funds for various classes and activities.

PG电子游戏 students pack their lunches daily. Microwaves are also provided for reheating purposes.

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